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  • Dear forum,

    Several minutes ago, I’ve updated my WordPress installation to 3.7 and this has messed up the design of my website (this happened for the first time after numerous successful updates in the past).

    I’m panicking at the moment, since my website has been up for years and is a moderately high traffic website – I need a quick fix for this problem.

    Will restoring the database from yesterday fix the problem?

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  • Do you have any caching on your site? Have you cleared it?

    hi, thanks for the reply!

    i do have a caching plugin, and i’ve cleared all caches several times. it doesn’t help.

    i’ve also tried deactifvating several plugins and none of them seem to be the issue.

    to make things even worse, some of the plugins required pasting custom php code in the theme itself, so the design collapses even more when i disable these plugins. even so, the main design is still lost, and the theme collapses even more after deactivating these plugins.

    would it help if i posted a link to my website?

    also, am i allowed to name the plugins and theme in my post?

    but my question is, do you guys think that restoring a previous database (from yesterday) would help? this database backup was created automatically by my webhost and it was taken prior to the wordpress update.

    Yes, yes and yes :).

    sorry, i’ve edited my second post in the meanwhile, so i just need to check:

    does your third yes mean that restoring the database should fix the issue at the moment? 🙂

    I doubt a DB restore would help here. Maybe a file restore (that is copy back the 3.6 files).

    We would love to know what theme this is, so we can narrow down why this happened!

    in, the meanwhile, here’s the address:


    notice how the size of the post title is different on the home page and on individual posts.

    also, the font is messed up on posts (larger than normal and different color).

    finally, there’s a weird permalink to each post added under each post excerpt on the home page. i haven’t noticed that on the list of wordpress 3.7 features, nor do i see a way to disable it in wordpress settings.

    UPDATE: i’ve just noticed that single pages are rendering normally, as before. the posts and the home page are messed up. i’ll investingate further and report. thanks so much for helping ppl!

    I was answering about posting plugins, themes and a link to your site.

    But if you have a full backup of your site, reverting should put it back to what it was. But that’s not a good longer term solution – as you no doubt know?

    thanks so much for helping guys!

    here’s more info.

    the theme is K2 v1.0.3

    the plugins i use are:

      Better WP Security
      Fast Secure Contact Form
      Google Analytics for WordPress
      K2 Hook Up
      W3 Total Cache
      WordPress SEO
      Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    i’ve tried disabling K2 Hook Up, Fast Secure Contact Form, WP-PageNavi and YARPP, but it didn’t help. it just prevents the theme from rendering fully, due to custom PHP code which is pasted inside the theme files.

    ouch, i’ve tested the live preview (without activating the theme) of the Twenty Twelve 1.2 theme and it seems to run without any issues.

    i’ve also tested the live preview of Twenty Thirteen and is seems to work fine. all pages render properly.

    this is probably a good indicator of the fact that my current theme (K2) isn’t compatible with WP 3.7? what do you guys think?

    it my also mean that some custom PHP code which i’ve pasted in the K2 theme is messing it up, though.

    just one more question – when you guys say that a full backup of the site would work, does that mean that restoring the public_html directory should fix the issue? i just want to get the terminology right, since i’m definitely not an expert and i don’t want to mess things up any further.


    1) restoring the database won’t really help.
    2) restoring public_html directory will help.

    is this right?

    i know it’s just a temporary solution, but i need to get my website back to normal asap. i will then experiment with a permanent solution on a secondary server.

    John Parris



    You should be able to restore the public_html folder and have things return somewhat to normal. You can download WP 3.6.1 from here if needed.

    phewww, i’ve restored the public_html folder and things are back to normal. thank god for automated backups! 🙂

    thank you everyone for the support. i will work out a long term solution for my website in the meanwhile.

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