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  • I tried to update the Total W3 Cache plugin on my site,, but since which time an error message appears which has disabled the site:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::set_prefix() in /home/tarumatu/public_html/wp-includes/load.php on line 337

    I’ve tried to remove the plugins by using phpmyadmin, with no success. Tried restoring by using phpmyadmin, importing a backup copy, and then removing the cache plugin code, same problem. I then removed all the plugins code, still the same problem. I don’t know what else to do.

    I’ve got backup copies of my site using wordpress backup but i don’t know the easiest and safest way to get my site to work, can anyone help?

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  • FTP in and delete the Total W3 Cache plugin from wp-content/plugins/ folder.

    If that doesn’t do it, make a duplicate of the plugins folder and delete all plugins, then start adding them in one at a time until it fails again. Then you’ll know which is causing the problem.

    Also, could be a problem in your theme. If the plugins stuff doesn’t fix it, switch to TwentyEleven.

    And it never hurts to reinstall WordPress from scratch. Sometimes an update results in a file that’s not quite right.

    I’ve tried all your steps bar reinstalling wordpress, which is what i’ll do now, wish me luck!

    I’ve reinstalled wordpress, adding my old data and i can login to my site, all the posts and content are in place but each page is white, including the index page, whats happened?

    OK, the white page is often the result of a little bit of code being wrong in either the config.php file or the functions.php (in theme).

    I’ve actually found that it’s sometimes due to an extra RETURN at the end of either of those files.

    Are all plugins turned off?

    Have you reverted TwentyEleven theme?

    All the plugins are deactivated, no change.

    Get a clean and new wp-config-sample.php from a fresh WP download.
    Edit ONLY the lines in it you need to edit to access your database. That is, copy in db name, host, user, password.
    Save a copy of config.php
    Upload new file as config.php

    And the theme?

    I know you hate the default theme. I offer it only as a way to eliminate what’s causing problems.

    I’ll try it, i’m just worried about losing all my data, though i get a daily backup from the wordpress backup plugin.

    Your data lives in two places:
    The database (which is the daily backup)
    The wp-contents folder (which you should keep a backup of, it contains uploads, as well as themes and plugins)
    You don’t want to delete or modify the database or wp-contents in a way that can’t be reversed.
    But you can and should activate a “default” theme. TEMPORARILY, to figure out if something in the theme is causing the problem.

    And while I’m at it, I’ll ask: is wp-contents/uploads/ backed up? It should be. In fact, make a backup of wp-contents and wp-config.php

    I’ve just done it, using the default theme, same problem – i can access he admin page, all the content is present but still a blank white page. I’m really stuck now.

    And wp-config.php?
    Pare that down to bare bones:

    a. backup existing one.

    b. Open wp-config-sample.php

    c. copy and paste from backup the crucial lines only: host, dbname, user, password

    d. upload that and try again

    Also, it occurs to me that you said you tried to restore using phpmyadmin. I wonder if you did some damage there. Maybe need to go back a bit and check that you don’t have something out of whack in the database.

    If you have daily database backups, can you go back to before all this mess?

    And I’m about to sign off for the day (US, east coast) but will check in a couple times tonight.

    What do you mean paring down wp-config to bare bones, i thought all you are supposed to do is change the database name, username and password, which is what i’ve done?
    In phpmyadmin, in plugins it only shows a:0:{}, which was when i’d originally removed all the plugins. This is the only change i had made within phpmyadmin.

    On the wordpress admin page, there are only 2 plugins which come with default wordpress site, akismet and hello dolly, both deactivated.

    If i have backup copies of a working site, how do i upload it to wordpress?

    This is such a pain, all i did was update a plugin! I’m desperate now.

    I see it’s back up this morning. But no images?

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