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  • When trying to reactivate the plugging, get the “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wc_stripe() (previously declared in /home/xxxxxxx/www/wp-content/plugins/woo-stripe-payment/includes/class-stripe.php:340) in /home/xxxxxx/www/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-gateway-stripe/woocommerce-gateway-stripe.php on line 57″…………….I have heard this plugging is cancelled by wordpress…… Is it true? or rather I wait a while for the next debugged update?…………….Please advise.

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  • This error may indicate that you also have the far better Stripe for WooCommerce plugin by Payment Plugins, also available from the WordPress plugins directory at

    We were trying out the Stripe for WooCommerce plugin, and found that it works very well, plus it allows you to take manual payments from the admin order screen, which the “official” WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin doesn’t do. The two plugins were quite happily co-esxisting until WooCommerce Stripe Gateway decided to either add the new function wc_stripe() or rename a function to wc_stripe().

    This happened on Tuesday at around 2am when an automatic update was performed, and this illustrates the problem with automatic updates – if a developer has no regard for the global namespace, function name clashes like this will happen and crash websites everywhere.

    It could have been avoided if the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway author named the function royho_wc_stripe() or wcsg_stripe()

    The shocking thing is that it is now 48 hours since this disaster and the authors haven’t fixed the error or reverted the change.

    For this reason, we will be sticking with the Stripe for WooCommerce plugin instead.

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    You are correct. I have (had, now) the 2 plugging cause I manage this way to receive payments addressed to 2 different invoicing companies, depending the shipping country. All this in the same website.
    Well… in 3 words: WTF
    Thanks a lot for the explanation.

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