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  • Out of nowhere all of the content of my sebsite has dissapeared. The title of the last entry can be seen, as well as the title of the website, and that’s all. I didnt do anything when it dissapeared, I just checked it a few days ago and it was all gone. This website has been active for years. Not sure what version I have, but at the bottom of my screen it says wordpress 2.0


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  • It might help if you actually just gave some information.
    – What website?
    – Do you actually use WP 2.0, meaning, you haven’t upgraded for a decade?
    – Have you been doing anything before this happened? (Uploading plugins or themes, edited code-files, that sort of stuff.)
    – Do you get any errors?
    – Anything more that can give a clue to what is happening.

    Sorry, I’m very un-savy with computers. Obviously. lol Yes, we haven’t upgraded in quite a while, maybe 6 years or so. I wasn’t doing anything; one day without having accessed the site for a week or so the content dissapeared.
    no errors as far as I know

    ive tried to download updates before but for some reason i can’t get that to apply to my website once it’s been loaded, again, probably because im not great with such things.
    any ideas?

    It looks like you’re hosted on GoDaddy, which has recently upgraded the version of PHP they use. The errors are because something in your site (it could be a theme or plugin) isn’t compatible with the new version.

    There’s an announcement about here, which includes some links about what to do next:

    If you’re locked out of your site, or don’t remember how to get into your GoDaddy control panel, contact GoDaddy support, as suggested in the GD announcement.

    You will have to upgrade WordPress and any plugins and themes you’re using — if your site is very old, you may have to update manually, using the instructions at this link:

    After that, you’ll be able to keep updated just by clicking a link — it all gets much better!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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