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  • I am hoping that you can help – I have tried premium support but after 3 months I still don’t have a reply so am hoping this results in something. The plugin used – Media Cloud (Premium) – Version 4.2.37. The website became very slow and when I try to migrate to the cloud of sync libraries it just hangs and doesn’t get further than 0% in 3 hours.

    So as no reply to my premium support and the client get annoyed that the website was so slow I decided to rebuild and set up the media cloud from scratch. On a clean install with no plugins except media cloud and the default 2021 theme upgraded the PHP from 7.2 as message shows in the dashboard then bang the website comes to a standstill and a connection timeout error happens. Downgrade to PHP 7.2 and all back and working. Decided to try on Php 8 and the same issue. We then try PHP 7.3 and it works with a slight lag. This is before we have even connected the media cloud to our cloud storage.

    Please can somebody respond as we are paying for the premium plugin but neither the premium nor the free version work as intended.

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  • mvaneijgen


    Same here. I have a server running on PHP 7.4 all fine and a local site with 7.4.1 and the site is taking 5+ seconds to load any page (front or back-end) using the free version here, also 4.2.37.

    I’ve tried downgrading to several older versions of the plugin (3.3.21, 4.2.26, 4.2.31), but all have the same issue. I’ve also upgraded PHP to 8.0.0, same issue.

    As soon as I disable the plugin my site takes 0.39s seconds to load.

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