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  1. Romeha3
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi all please help - I have finally got the website running https://hattiegotobed.co.uk but several friends who have tried to see the site say it comes up with a security warning - (seems to work on ipads but not computers and phones) I am guessing due to firefox or the like - what can I do to get around this? the website is to show my daughters acting/model work so very simple - please could you explain in simple terms please :)

    Thanks Tracy x

  2. Why are you sending out a https secure link and have the site setup - the site URL - for https? You don't have a SSL certificate for https, and that's the warnings viewers are getting. Your site is http, unless you *want* it to be https secure for some reason. If so, get an SSL certificate.

  3. Miha Omejc
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Send your friends this link: http://www.hattiegotobed.co.uk/. https is only used when you connect to a secure website with SSL certificate. Since you don't have one, your friends get this SSL error / warning.

  4. Romeha3
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thanks for help - songdogtech - I have changed the https to http - most links are now working great without the error certificate coming up - some are still so guessing some links in my website are still https so will investigate


    Tracy x

  5. @romeha3: check Dashboard>>Settings>>General for the URL settings. And check all menu links; and any internal links in each post/page that you may have added.

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