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  • I updated your plugin and now my website is completely broken. I had to deactivate it to restore functionality.

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  • Same here. For some reason the plugin was adding “x58348&” to end of any stylesheet links, breaking the CSS. We rolled back to the previous version and it’s working again.

    Yep, same here! Big screw up! Thank God for backups!
    Any good alternative for this plugin? I’m getting a little bit tired of running into little issues with w3tc.


    I haven’t seen any of the developers chime in about this issue. Hopefully they’ll have things fixed soon.



    The update broke 2 of my sites..
    Waiting for an update.. or..anything..from anyone..about what to do other than deactivating or rolling back to the previous version.

    Same here… wonder why they haven’t released a fix yet?

    Broke mine also, with the same x19825& appending


    a quick fix


    line 194:

    $url = substr( $url, 0, $query_pos + 1 ) . ‘?’ . $id . ‘&’ .

    instead of

    $url = substr( $url, 0, $query_pos + 1 ) . $id . ‘&’ .

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    Stop using this plugin!


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    Seems like they have a new version ( but it broke my website’s JS and CSS minify.
    Looks like they really rushed these last updates
    I ask again, are there any good alternatives for w3tc?


    Thanks for the update about, paulotaylor. I came here to see if anyone had tried it, but looks like it’s still broken unfortunately.

    On the first website, the update to worked. Another website broke, no CSS loaded, so I switched to WPFC there.
    For more websites I’ll wait a few days until this problem is mentioned as solved here, or switch also.

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    anyone have any luck with 09.5.4?

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    after installing 09.5.4, my site worked again but now suddenly (without further updates), its again broken.

    I’m tired of messing with this plugin. Anyone have any caching plugins that can minify without crashing?

    After this update, it really triggered me to switch to WP Rocket.
    It’s a paid plugin but it’s worth every penny!

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    I probably wouldn’t mind buying WP rocket if it weren’t an annual fee. yes, they say they’re not subscription but they also say that to get updates after the year, that you have to pay the fee every year.

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