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    i run a website using WP 4.9.1 using my main company domain (let’s say, other domains are redirected to this one.
    Now I want to add a blog, which I already created – currently as a page (

    However, the blog shall be reached with another domain ( I know about the SEO-recommendations (conscious decision). Website and blog currently use the same custom theme/template/configuration.

    How do I get this done?
    1) Multisite network? Somehow seems to be overdone to me, or is this the only way for different domains?
    2) Setting up a second single instance of WP for the blog incl. installing all the template-specific things and recreating the blog there? Doubles maintenance effort.
    3) Creating htaccess somehow to redirect to while somehow hiding the url? What happens to the blog post specific url-parts?
    4) Some WP domain plugin?
    5) Other build in functionality?

    What’s your recommendation? There must be some kind of tutorial for this somewhere, but I couldn’t find any…

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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  • The basic set up of WordPress is – one installation = one URL. You can’t add additional URL’s into the system without hacking a huge amount of stuff, and I would advise you to not even think about trying that unless you really know what you’re doing.

    That leaves you with two choices: two separate installs, or a Network site.

    You already know the pros and cons of each of these (as you’ve listed them), and neither is “better” than the other for all situations. For what you’re doing I’d personally move towards a network set up, mainly so I could keep the admin in the same spot while still running two “separate” sites.

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    Thanks for the guidance!

    @windisch and @catacaustic, I have this same question, only am approaching it from the opposite side. I currently have a WP setup for and another for I’d like to combine them into the same WP framework and from what I’m reading the blog could be setup on a page of

    How does doing this affect the URL, as was your concern? Would the blog posts maintain their specific URLs (permalinks) as they currently do. For example, will I be able to import my blog into place on the page and it will carry forth the same way?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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