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    People have told me that my website is blocked from work or school. It’s blocked from my job as well. The url is [Mod note – site not safe for work] Is there any way to prevent this from happening or to optimize my website so the block can eventually be lifted?

    I’ve posted my website here for many years (as recent as last week) for troubleshooting issues and other users were able to access it from their workplace and school with no problem.

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  • The most obvious reason is that your site has been classified by a firewall provider as having explicit content. Probably due to the massive advert / graphic you have on your front page that has the f word in it.

    Thanks for your help MrMist.

    So in other words, if I removed that ONE graphic that has the F-word in it, it’s not considered explicit anymore? Because my site was blocked prior to me adding those new graphics. I just added that image a couple of weeks ago.

    That I couldn’t say. I’m just guessing based on the available evidence. What you really need to find out is if there is any error message that the blocked people are seeing that you could use to try to find out the reason.

    For example the firewall might say

    “This site has been blocked for : somereason.”

    And it might also say which firewall it is or who to speak to to get the site reclassified. (It probably wouldn’t be automatically reclassified by you removing anything)

    Was your site ever hacked? You might want to check EVERY SINGLE PHP FILE on your server for strange looking php stuff.

    It could be that too.

    My other site isn’t blocked yet the url has a curse word in it and the content (pictures and words) isn’t safe for work.

    No, my site never been hacked before.

    Keep in mind that I’m basically going on my experience of site blocking so it might not be anything to do with what I’m saying – you really need more information from the people claiming that it’s blocked.

    However, if it has been added to a block list, then the other site could still be fine simply because it hasn’t been classified yet. Adding to block lists is generally a manual process.

    Eep. So that PROBABLY means that if an individual access it too much (from work or school) the actual administrator (whether it’s the IT dept, or office manager) they manually go in or call it in to be blocked?

    Entirely so.

    In fact in the case of a school or small office, the IT people probably have some manual control over the blocks, and could have added it themselves.

    (To get added to a more general list, some one from the company providing the list would usually manually verify the classification)

    I think that’s the issue with it being blocked here at my job. Because when I first started, it wasn’t. Then BOOM, “This site is blocked by the Content Filter Service.”

    Yep that sounds about right.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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