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  • I’m looking for the best (easiest) way to convert a Website Baker site to a WordPress site. I want to do this for several sites. Some have only a small amount of content. Some have numerous pages with parent/child hierarchy.

    Google searches have not turned up much help. Found one post that looked hopeful. I tried the method described there to create an XML file that could be imported into a WP site, but the process did not work. The XML file was not created.

    Here’s a link to that post:
    (This is a tinyurl redirect to a Google translation of the original page which is in Dutch.)

    I would really appreciate any leads that can be offered. Thanks.

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  • I love it when I can respond to one of my own posts with more information and positive (somewhat) results 🙂

    If you go to the translated post in the link above, and then click on the referenced script, you are going to get a script that has had some weird google translate stuff done to it. So, you don’t want to use that translated script, you want to use the original script – and here is the link to that:

    Also, as one of the commenters in that other post indicated, you do need to make a couple changes to the XML that is output by the script. I’ll reiterate those changes here:

    The very first line in the XML file needs to be changed to:
    <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>

    Then, right below the line:

    You must add this:
    Otherwise you will get a WXR error warning when you try to import.

    I’m only in the preliminary stages of testing this out. But, the import was successful. It imported a lot of content, got the page names right, and inserted the pages in the correct parent/child hierarchy. The nav menus will need some tweaking, and there appears to be a bit of extraneous characters here and there, but compared to a full on manual rebuild, this is looking very promising.

    Hope that helps anyone else trying to go from Website Baker to WordPress.

    I am working with these versions:

    Website Baker: 2.6.7
    WordPress 3.5

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