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  • Hello. I’m a newbieâ€?sort ofâ€?and looking for free advice. No specific problem, just generic advice.

    I actually started out programming personal computers in machine code long before PC-DOS, and only then moved up to A86 assembler. But I have stayed with PCs and my knowledge of Linux/Unix extends to being able to type “ls� and that’s about it.

    I have some websites I hardcoded in HTML using a programming editor years ago, and maintained using FrontPage (yech) and finally decided that it was time to upgrade these old, creaky sites using modern tools. Got a hosting company (Bluehost) to set up some accounts for me, started learning a new HTML editor (picked Adobe GoLive CS2 as I want to be able to have liquid CSS layouts for the pages on my sites, and because I use Photoshop and Illustrator a lot). Decided that I needed two other big chunks of software for what I want to do: BLOG software and Wiki software.

    After doing some research, decided WordPress was clearly where I wanted to be with BLOG software (doubt there will be much disagreement here). And, for Wiki�although Bluehost offers Fantastico scripts for installing phpWiki and TikiWiki, I thought that, since my sites reference piles of Wikipedia pages, that I should go with MediaWiki even though I’ll have to dust off TeraTerm and actually type in some Linux commands.

    I have one specific question: I used the Fantastico script to install WordPress in the root of a couple of my new, blank sites�not realizing that this basically defaults to making WordPress’s BLOG the entire site. I was thinking I wanted to hand-code (well, code in GoLive) the look and feel for the sites, and then use WordPress just for some of the content management. So, the question is, should I deinstall WordPress and then reinstall in a subdirectory?

    BTW, I did look at which answers many of my questions about integrating GoLive CS2 liquid CSS layouts with WordPress (though I suspect there be some hacking and flailing as I try to do this…)

    And on a more general note, anyone got any suggestions about what I’m trying to do? Sound workable? Stupid? Any better suggestions?

    Thanks very much.

    P.S. Once I understand what I’m doing better (? 12 months) I may be able to contribute something useful to this column. (If you want to sync Pegasus email between a laptop and desktop, or switch the Control, Alt and CapsLock keys, please see my website at, that’s all I’ve got to contribute right now.)

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