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  • I was wondering if anyone can help me to figure out why my wordpress site is loading so slow that it makes the site practically useless. Every page loads slow including the dashboard and mobile site.

    Site: or
    Theme: ProPhoto 4
    Host: Bluehost
    All in One SEO
    Google Analytics
    Pintrest Button lite
    Pintrest Pin it Button
    SEO Friendly Images
    W3 Total Cache
    Wordpress Backup to Dropbox
    Wordpress SEO

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  • Here is the report.

    Start with optimizing images, specify image sizes. Delete those plugins that you really DO NOT require. Rather I would suggest to deactivate all plugins and activate them one by one and test the speed for each so that you can know which plugin causes slowing down. Also, it also depends on your server configuration and how it responds to requests.

    help help

    To whom it may concern,

    WordPress was recommended 1.5 years ago to us, because our old website was outdated.

    Today we are a very unhappy company using word press on 2 of our websites, only to hear from our
    clients in Germany that our website is very slow to respond and we are loosing a lot of people, because
    surfing on our site is not fun at all.
    Is there anything that we can do, to speed up our

    Your help or referral would be appreciated a lot

    Kind Regards and greetings from Cape Town

    Ernst Weinert

    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    Did you know you get free tech support as a ProPhoto user?
    Please get in touch with us here and we’re happy to assist:

    Also, before you contact us, try checking out this info first:

    One last thing: your sites appear to both point to this one setup:
    It is not recommended to use WordPress for more than one domain name – consider setting up the extra domain as a “redirect” in your BlueHost control panel to prevent problems with content not loading properly from the secondary domain name – you’ll find the “Redirects” tool in your hosting Control Panel.

    It is not recommended to use WordPress for more than one domain name

    Sez who?

    Sez who?

    ‘Sez’ WordPress with their explicit URL scheme. AJAX requests can get hosed if the site is being viewed from but it’s setup to render URLs which are setup for – hence the box in “Settings” > “General” which allows for one URL address for the system.
    301 Redirects are nearly always the way to go.

    Disagree? Please share your thoughts with references.

    I’m running 3 or 4 WordPress installs on a single domain. One is a sub-domain install, two are sub-folder installs and the final one is in the root domain.

    The there’s another domain where I’m running 3 installs. Had a 4th there for a whole but decided I didn’t need it. Locally I’m running 5 installs under a single local domain for a development & testing purposes. Four 3.6.1 and 1 3.7 beta.

    All of these installs work and perform perfectly.

    Awesome. Lots of people do that, it works great!
    chadandreo had two domains setup for one WordPress install.

    It has notjing to do with wordpress; this is a bluehost probleme I’m facing too :/

    It has notjing to do with wordpress; this is a bluehost probleme I’m facing too :/

    Sorry you’re having trouble, but one problem chadandreo was having was related to his domain name setup.

    If slowness is the problem, this could be due to any number of things – here are some suggestions for you to check:
    If none of those seem to be related, it would be a good idea to discuss your site loading speed concerns with your web hosting company – they should be more than happy to assist you with tech support for the hosting services they provide to you.

    A year or so ago I hosted my site at bluehost. Once, I noticed that it takes 10-15 seconds to load this site’s home page HTML (even without assets). After some research, I found that mysql works EXTREMELY slow and my slow queries log is full of… guess what? It was full of “use database” queries! Damn, what can be more lightweight than just choosing a database you’re going to work with? No way, it was slow. When I contacted Bluehost 24/7 support, they told me “to optimise my database queries” or contact my developer. I have no idea how can “use database” query be optimised (should I rewrite mysql server or what?), and what developer should I contact when I am a WordPress premium plugin developer myself. So I switched to amazon EC2 an another day and am pretty much happy with it.

    Bottom line: beware of Bluehost. They not only oversell their servers, they blame you when you ask for help.

    Oh, my config those days:
    1. Latest WordPress (I believe it was 3.3)
    2. All in one seo pack
    3. “Focused” theme
    4. Usernoise plugin installed (my own one)
    5. All in one email plugin installed (my own one)
    6. Better WordPress minify plugin configured to minimise JS + css assets size
    7. WP Super cache in PHP caching mode (I know .htaccess mode is faster, but I needed PHP mode).

    karevn, thanks for your comments.
    We’ve noticed a few BlueHost customers having slowness, too. It seems that users who switch from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4 on their accounts notice a marked improvement in speed. We’re recommending users try this.

    Dear @stevenetrivet, from what planet are you? I take you are from the same planet Bluehost support is. I am telling people about totally overloaded mysql and support telling me to optimise “use database” query instead of real help, you’re telling about PHP performance. Do you think it is relevant?

    P.S. To 100% clarify what I mean: “use database” is this

    Awesome attitude, karevn. I was simply trying to help with real world experience – we’ve seen the version of the PHP engine have a notable impact on server performance so I threw it out as an idea for others. Since it sounds like you’re not using BlueHost any longer, I suspect this has little to no value to you. I apologize if I sound like a BlueHost sympathizer to you – I’m only trying to help.

    Sorry I can’t speak to the comments their support team gave you. It didn’t sound like they were referring to the use database issues you say you saw in a log anyway. Perhaps you made that correlation between their comments and your error logs on your own?

    I’m sorry you had been frustrated with your BlueHost experience but I’m glad you found a better solution for your business. Perhaps it wasn’t helpful to drop into this thread to flame a host you didn’t like. We’d love to hear if you have some proven performance enhancements or ideas instead of complaints. Let’s support each other with useful help here instead of clogging the thread with host bashing.

    @stevenetrivet, people here are discussing Bluehost performance here. I had a really bad (actually worst) experience with Bluehost I ever had in my 10 years web development career. I want Web to become better place and people to have fast reliable sites (btw, honestly, I should admit Bluehost is reliable – there were no downtime at all), that is why I am putting my story here.

    I agree we should support each other – that is why my story is here. Sometimes you see you can’t manage to be heard by some people (should I spend hours trying to convince the tech support to help me?). In this case, you just have to spread this knowledge – that is what I am doing. Most of people who buy a shared hosting do not want to spend time chatting with support, etc, I think. All they want is to pay a reasonable price for a hosting that will perform reasonably well under a small load (under 1000 pageviews per day).

    Instead, I really recommend Asmallorange (which was not good for me for some tech restrictions, but they are reasonable people), WPEngine or (for those who do care about rocket fast performance and can spend some time configuring the server) – Amazon EC2. On Amazon EC2, I have about 10x faster performance (0.3 seconds per page instead of 4-10 on Bluehost) without any modifications done to the settings or code.

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