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  • tina.dove


    Please help this is NOT my expertise. My previous web developer said she had set up automatic updates, when I went in to process this weekends sales it said to update to 3.0, I did, and now all is gone. We are no longer using that developer and my business is done. PLEASE HELP I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO.

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  • m7csat


    You said this is not your expertise. Sounds like there was some custom work done that is making the content types not behave like WordPress 3.0 likes. The content is probably not gone, just being misunderstood. The best solution would be to get you back to the files and data before the upgrade. Do you know if your web host makes backups? If they do, how much would it cost to retrieve them? Also, what’s the URL of your website?

    You are probably going to have to hire another developer to look at this for you because any suggestions given here would require some technical knowledge of the file and database system.



    Thank you for the response and direction!



    No problem. I am willing to help you privately. As my profile says, I’ve been working with WordPress on and off for the last five years. I just recently started tinkering with WordPress 3.0. However, I’m only a stranger that you know in a public forum.

    If you can get to your WordPress backend at all, I would try the export feature, under by going to However this will only be able to grab the posts and any native WordPress content. It won’t grab any content stored in other tables.

    Whoever you get needs to know WordPress from a programmers point of view, so they’ll need to understand PHP and MySQL besides HTML and CSS. Whoever you get to help you is going to need access to your file system and database so they can compare what’s been done to a standard installation. Your web host isn’t going to be able to help beyond the backups, because they will consider this a software issue and not a failure of the operating system or system software.




    I experienced a similar issue when I upgraded to WP 3.0… In my case the issue was because I was using a lot of custom fields via the Flutter plugin, and their code for getting these custom fields wasn’t being recognized… I’m pretty sure it’s something similar in your case, just as m7csat said above… I’m no expert with 3.0 but I will try to provide any help I can if needed.. =)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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