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  • I’m new to WordPress and blogging. I’m launching both in 1 week. Website is Internet Eclectic Blog is Idea Threads

    Please take it easy on me. Three basic questions:

    1. Headers. Are they absolutely necessary? No exceptions? I don’t have one yet, for either site. I’m sincerely drawn to how simple these sites are currently. The name is there. And, perhaps because they are unlike most all sites with banners, they stand out a bit.

    2. Download time for Internet Eclectic is long, because of Flick’r slide show. Love how the pics reflect the monthly content. Is the download time too long? Any suggestions?

    3. Font size on Internet Eclectic is too small, I believe. Just can’t figure out where to increase. Are px pixels, and if so, what’s the right size and where is the darn code to increase?

    Thank you for your time…Cory

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  • px does mean pixels. Try 10 or 11. Personally I find 12 too large. Look for your Stylesheet. It’ll be a .CSS file. Near the beginning it’ll say what the current body font size is. All you do is change the number and save the file.

    I’m happy to help more but would need access to your files.

    Btw neither site launched for me.

    Thanks, but…I changed px to 16 in first css category “Body” and in “Menu” “Content h2” and “content h3” and still no change in font size. Site is no www simply
    Conversely, you can navigate from www dot idea-threads dot com I appreciate all help! Cory

    The font size looked fine when I looked today?

    Thanks, I’m going with it. Appreciate your time.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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