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  • I’m building a website for my family to have all their christmas wish lists on.
    For example ‘James’s page’ would look like:


    – Xbox game
    – Gloves
    – Pencil

    I was wondering whether there is a way or a plugin that would enable any one on the site (my family) to remove any presents they have purchased from the list. For instance if James’ aunt had bought him a pencil, off his list, she would then be able to remove it from the list. The only way I can currently think of, is to have say, the aunt to comment on James’ page and then I would have to delete the text myself in the backend of wordpress, which as you can imagine sound very tedious.

    The website would have pages for all the members of the family. If for example John’s page is clicked, the page would display his wish list. Then any member of the family who vist the site and wishes to buy a present on his list, would then remove it from the list so the same present is not bought twice.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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