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  1. Arie-vld
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm searching for an order form plugin with login and several other options.

    This Worpress website isn't a webshop, but it's a website where you can order car parts. The people who visit this website know what they want to order.
    So the orderform that I need is almost the same as an orderform of a webshop, without the shop part

    Now the options I want:
    - login with password and name, so people who comes here a second time don't have to fill there adres and other data again
    - also options to order without login (if possible)
    - all kinds of field choices (dropdown, e-mail, selectionfields, comment field, etc.)
    - 3 fields where people can fill in what they need (by words or numbers) and if they fill in the 3th field, again 3 new fields. And so on, and so on.
    - a selectionfield where they have to accept the terms and conditions
    - after they push the send button the costumer sees a ordering overview, if it's okay they push an accept/order button
    - after they push the accept/order button the costumer get's an e-mail about what they order and also an email go's to the supplier

    I've seen the 'Gravity Forms' plugin, this is a great plugin. But it's to expensive, I need one who is similar to this plugin but much cheaper.

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