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    I am searching a way to have links open inside WordPress.

    My goal is to have a gallery with thumbnails and when those thumbnails are clicked the link would open instead of the gallery. However the header of the page and sidebar should remain the same. Keeping the links inside my WordPress homepage.

    Is such a thing possible with WordPress ?

    Would i have to setup different .html frame pages for that to work ?

    Please help.

    I have been looking for an answer for days now.

    Thank you all for your understanding.


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  • Are the links internal to your site or external?

    If external, I don’t think so without a frame. You could use an iframe, maybe, around your gallery and load the external link into the iframe. That would save you from having to put WP into a frameset.

    If the links are internal to your WP install, you can see that I’ve done something similar here:
    If you click on the caption above the larger image, you will be linked to the object’s detail page. All of the detail pages are static pages, and they all use a page template that looks like I want it to look.

    I hope this helps.

    I see what you mean.

    Thanks alot for your help.

    Your site is beautiful ! I really like those bags on your site.

    Keep it up !



    @iabecker: Ohjahh.. and the socks rocks too!

    Or you could use Plogger for your photo gallery.

    I’ve used it here:

    (Only trouble is, mine doens’t work in Internet Explorer because I’ve got a bit of a weird theme that integrates weirdly with Plogger. However, I’ve got corporate installations of WordPress and Plogger that go absolutely fine together.)


    Thank you all.

    Im going to try Plogger and see what it is about.

    I hope i get some more replies as well, waiting for more opinions since im so out of options for now 🙁

    Cheers everyone !

    Can you describe a little more what the links will lead to? Is it larger pictures, text, totally separate web sites?? What kind of thing are you trying to accomplish?

    Well i am trying to make a gallery with small thumbnails and when those thumbnails are clicked a new page will open instead of the gallery. A new page meaning a page that is not from my website. Its just an exterior link.

    Its like clicking on the thumbnail and a Pop Up window comes up except that i would like that popup window to stay instead of the gallery.

    I hope thats enough info.

    Thank you all again.

    I think if I were you I’d look into iframes. They work pretty much like frames, except you don’t need the whole frameset and the frame can be located anywhere on the page.

    Look at my site to see a site that’s built with iframes. (I haven’t updated it for years, so ignore the actual content.) On that site, the graphics around the top and left are static, but the content in the middle is in an iframe and changes depending on what option is selected from the menu. (the menus are hiding under the leaves. It was my “cutsy” period.)

    If you put your gallery thumbnails inside the iframe, then you could have the external link load into the iframe replacing the thumbnails.

    If you google “iframe” you should find a lot of info on how they work and how to use them.

    Thats awsome ! I really liked your site ! Its cute, im going to be looking for iframes it seems like it’s the only option. Do you think i can set an iframe in WP ? Leaving the outside frames to be WP and not the main one ? Thanks again for your reply !

    Big disclaimer: I haven’t tried this out, so I have no idea if it’s possible or would work well. But, if I were trying to do that I think I’d experiment with setting up a static page template that had the basic structure of your WP site and had the iframe containing the gallery where the loop usually is. That way you have a static page that would be outside regular daily posting with a template that wouldn’t be used for anything else. Here’s a link to stuff about pages in the codex:
    If I were making the template, I’d be tempted to start by cloning my index.php and replacing the loop with an iframe.

    Your mileage, of course, may vary! Back up everything before you start!

    The WP gurus most likely know more about whether this would work or not. It’s just what I would try if I were trying to do what you are trying to do.

    I see what you mean

    I will be trying that as well.

    Thanks alot again.
    I will be making this thread as solved

    Thank you


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