• Hello!

    I’m a glad user of FooGallery and FooBox on our school’s website (https://gtgs.info). In the last few days I also translated and approved the strings of both plugins into german.

    I also use ShortPixel Image Optimizer which created WebP versions of all my images and thumbnails. By replacing <img>– with <picture>-tags this works flawless in Chrome for normal embedded images on my site.

    WP Fastest Cache took also care of WebP in my .htaccess:

    # BEGIN WEBPWpFastestCache
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_ACCEPT} image/webp
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} jpg|png
    RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/$1.webp -f
    RewriteRule ^(.*) "/$1.webp" [L]
    <IfModule mod_headers.c>
    Header append Vary Accept env=REDIRECT_accept
    Header set Expires "max-age=2592000, public"
    Header unset ETag
    Header set Connection keep-alive
    FileETag None
    AddType image/webp .webp
    # END WEBPWpFastestCache

    But still thumbs in Foogallery and – most important – large images in Foobox are delivered only as JPGs/PNGs.

    I wonder if you have plans of any kind for support of .webp images in the future. Something like this:

    Check if browser supports WebP --> Check if according ".webp"-image exists --> Deliver ".webp"-version instead of .jpg/.png

    Or is there anything I could change in the code of FooGallery or FooBox (as a quick fix) to achieve this?

    Thanks for any idea and best regards

    Oliver Schmehr

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author bradvin


    Hi Oliver,

    Firstly thanks for your translations 🙂

    I will discuss how we can support WebP images with the team. I will also look at how ShortPixel generates the files so that we can incorporate them if they are available.

    It becomes a bit tricky as the webP support is done in the browser.

    thanks again

    Plugin Author bradvin


    @oschmehr please contact me via brad @ fooplugins . com

    Hi Bradvin!

    Thanks for your reply.
    It would be great if your team could incorporate WebP support in the future. At the moment only Chrome and Opera support it, but I think it will get more popular over time since the compression rates are amazing compared to JPG!

    I’m not much of a tech guy, but the browser check on server level in .htaccess is done by one simple line of code: RewriteCond %{HTTP_ACCEPT} image/webp
    I would be surprised if there is nothing corresponding in PHP. 🙂

    Best regards

    Hello @bradvin,

    I contacted you via eMail 3 days ago as requested. Did you get it?
    You can also contact me via schmehr [at] gmail dot com

    Oliver Schmehr

    Plugin Author bradvin


    I replied to your mail recently. sorry for the delay.

    Also, I found this page really useful which I will be investigating further : https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/faq


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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