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    I have 2 sites (Live, Staging) on NGINX server. Both sites share teh exact same Nginx configs except some very small differences regarding the domain name and some robots stuff for the Staing site.

    I use the WebP conersion on the Staging site and the conversion of all images has gone smooth and perfect.

    When I visit the Staging site I see that images are displayed perfectly and I inspect them and they are serverd as for example .jpg.webp. Now I just reload the page and half of the images have gone 503 on me. I check the code and they are still there and I manually enter the filenames in the browser to check if they have been converted which they have.

    I reload again and now they appear. Then I reload again and now some of they go 503 on me again.

    I double check that the Live site is uneffected and it is beacuse it serves jpg and png like normally. That must indicate that my Nginx config should be proper.

    Does anyone maybe know what coulf be happening here with the WebP images on the Staging site?

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    A 503 error means the server is overloaded and cannot accept any more connections. Usually you can just fix that by increasing the worker_connections setting in your nginx.conf file (assuming your server has enough memory and CPU to handle the extra connections).

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    You are correct. I needed to fix the NGINX configs.

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