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    Hi there,

    First I’d like to thank you for an easy to use and powerful plugin!

    Now my Issue, i’m not a big fan of smart compression. Working in the field of film restoration as my prime job i can tell you the most of the images are way overcompressed and quality is a joke. But, that’s not my problem right now. I didn’t like the smart compression so i recompressed some images using the lossless compression method. All good all fine.

    I serve webp images, and basically the webp images look still as compressed as with the smart compression method. Can you check with your developers that if i use lossless compression the webp image is also losslessly(or at least only slightly) compressed?

    If it helps here are some samples:

    Looking at the sample called “mana_creme_1” i cannot believe that the webp version isn’t more compressed instead of just converted. also the file size is too much of a jump.

    I get that the webp version has some artefacts but it’s seems a bit much to me for a losless conversion/compression…

    I’d would be nice if the webp images reflect the compression settings of the png/jpeg one!

    All the best,

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