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  • i think i need to switch webhosts after running into a few “space” errors..

    so i’d like to ask of the WP community of your webhost and recommendations, reliability, etc. if you could provide a link i’d apprecate it so i could do some further research. there’s so many….

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven
    — uses plusmail for the control panel (good if you don’t like image-heavy dumbed-down interfaces)

    We’ve been screwed over by 2 different hosts. I highly recommned that you DO NOT use:

    When we were hit by the spammers last month, Ace not only shutdown our blog, but deleted our account and our files without any notice. We were not given a chance to retrieve our data and tech support refused to talk with me. Last year when spammers hit us Powweb would at least talk with me, but they made it clear that if we got hit again we would be permanently removed from the server.

    A lot of bloggers are on I’ve read a lot of good comments about them, and they seem willing to work with bloggers and the realities of the Internet. HM has had some weird problems in the past, but at least they weren’t booting people off.

    We shifted to dedicated hosting. BTW, Virtual Dedicted Hosting is not the same thing as the real thing. You are still sharing space with a bunch of other people you never met.

    Ace of Space. Wonderful folks. Less than $10 US per month. Everything you could ever need, 24/7 tech support; I’ve been with them for around 6 years, numerous accounts. Tell Sharon Silvermoon sent you.

    Moderator James Huff

    (@macmanx) has good bang for the buck and is pretty supportive of WordPress running on their servers. Another option would be .

    happy with

    I’m happy with Crosswinds dot net a number of different hosting packages. From small to huge sites.

    They recently added the ability of cpanel to upgrade wordpress and anything else installed via fantastico.

    Their cpanel has both PostgresSQL and Mysql databases.

    Currently using They have been great so far and have been nice and helpful with the one problem that has cropped up for me (which actually turned out to be my fault in the end). They only charge $50/yr., which I think is good, especially for unlimited bandwidth. (not for newbies — no cPanel) (cPanel) (cPanel)


    I STRONGLY recommend
    They specialize in CMS/Blogging software. They’ll even install and setup the software for you, if you want. Not that you’d need such a service with WordPress. 🙂

    have been with for a few weeks, great support and uptime (no downtime so far)

    They have fantastico if a blog is what you are looking for. I installed my blog in a few clicks 😉

    Moderator James Huff


    Wow, two new members registered only to post in this thread. Not to say anything against the above too posters, but it sure is fishy. We have had Hosting Co. employees register only to promote their company before.

    I’m hosted at and have no complaints whatsoever about them. Their tech support is terrific – replies are speedy and they’re always patient with me and my silly little questions.

    true.. and they normally don’t come back.. lol

    Instead of such piecemeal host recommendations appearing in different posts, we can start a thread or put in a database containing the name, url and their current web host of each WP user (whoever wants to contribute to this info bank) together with their experience, issues, high and low points, damage in $$(!) etc, so that others can evaluate them according to their own preferences and parameters and take a decision. But promotional links (directly or indirectly) or entreaties may be banned.

    Hope my idea is ok.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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