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  • I am using the Microsoft Web Matrix to create my WORDPRESS pages so is the setup harder this way…trying to learn the development aspect of coding etc…

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  • web matrix can help you get your website done quick and dirty up in about 20 minutes. But if your plans include embedding your wordpress blog into a different website, then development can pose a challenge.

    Web matrix as part of the assistance it provides runs its own website instance on your localhost based IIS instance. So you can develop and then test on localhost – so long as you restrict yourself to the wordpress blog developed on web matrix – so far so good.

    The problem arises when you switch to the code of the website in which you plan to embed this blog. That requires a different instance of a site on your local IIS to run – and to run this website, your wordpress blog instance needs to be switched off. Which would mean you would go to Webmatrix, switch off the wordpress blog, switch to IIS (under control panel) switch on the website to even simply test it out.

    And once you are done with the website, when you want to switch to web matrix, you would need to reverse the process – painful isn’t it?

    Worse, how would you test your creation in an integrated fashion – with both web matrix’ wordpress blog AND the website running on your IIS instance?

    The only way would seem to embed wordpress in website – try this link –

    Good luck.


    Here’s the specific link:

    will this be the same aspect if I am going to use the WORDPRESS as my Site instead of a embedded blog?

    If you plan to use WordPress as your site instead of an embedded blog, then you are going to have no problems.

    Webmatrix is a great tool to get a starter blog on stream. You can even use the themes that might be commercially available to decorate your blog – personally, I have not tried that part.

    But embedding is a different story altogether.

    I am as much a learner as you are but I am exploring how I can have two ports on IIS in use concurrently – one for the blog from webmatrix and one from my own encompassing website.

    Yeah I saw your post concerning that, Which would be something I need to know also…

    Is Microsoft Web Matrix really heplful for wordpress?

    Webmatrix is useful, so long as you do not intend to do any complicated website design like embedding your blog inside your website.

    Webmatrix runs your blog on a specific port. To do so, it takes control of your IIS installation when webmatrix is running.

    You cannot “Stop” your webmatrix site unless you do that from inside Webmatrix and neither can you start it from outside webmatrix. So during development, you develop your website external to webmatrix, develop your blog within webmatrix and keep switching from one to another.

    Unless you use the tips in Moshublog (link above) and then your website can run from IIS and webmatrix need not be started.

    Thank you for info

    Webmatrix is NOT being maintained by Microsoft. Currently Webmatrix installs WordPress 3.4 (not 3.5 which has been out for some time), installs PHP 5.3.13 (not 5.5.24 which is current), installs MySQL 5.1 (not 5.5.24) and has tools to view sites on Windows Phone 7 but not WinPho 8.

    None of that is as bad as the ignorance perpetuated by allowing a tool to do all of the work for you. While it does save time, it can kill you when something goes wrong and you have no idea where to even start looking.

    This seems like a project that will be killed in the near future. I’d recommend using a virtual machine like

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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