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  • How can a WordPress blog and another IIS based website coexist on the same Vista Home Premium based IIS installation?

    I have installed a Microsoft webmatrix generated wordpress blog on my local machine. I would like to embed this blog on my own URL with a commercial Hosting company.

    During development, I develop my own website without starting the WordPress blog on IIS7 installation on my Vista Home Premium desktop. I can develop my website without problems.

    Next, I am forced to “stop” that website because I need to start the Webmatrix based WordPress blog on the same IIS7 installation.

    I have both these pieces nicely done now. However, since the website embeds the blog within it, I have no way of testing this because if I switch on one (say the website) I have to switch off the other (the blog) and vice versa.

    Is there any way in which I can keep both on? Or is it possible to have just the website on, the code for the blog in a folder under the root of the website and be able to test both?

    Thank you in advance


    Blog url:

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