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Webmaster Tools -Warnings

  • dolcegirl


    Hi I logged on my account at Google and they have status warnings for my site – All the URLs in your Sitemap are marked as having dynamic content. I use XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress.

    What is this and Can I fix this some how? I guess this is related with if I search on 2 words in my site name I won’t show up on the result.

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  • VelvetBlues.com


    What is your website? Do you have dynamic characters in your urls such as question marks (?) and equal signs (=)? If so, you should consider modifying your permalink structure, and then rebuild your sitemap.



    My site is a wine & food site in Swedish. I use the character ‘&’ in my title instead of and. Can that be my problem? My permalink structure is as recommended http://example.org/kategori/post

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