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    I did not solve the problem

    I had to install an older version

    The link for the 3.3.1 version is not working!! The hole plugin has been removed from wordpress! What a mess!!!!

    Awesome! Thank you!! You are an angel! 😀

    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    It is back online! Thanks to the WordPress guys for recovering it!


    version 4.0.2 has no problems?

    Version 4.0.2 has not work in google webmaster tools Arnee.

    Same problem Arnee. 0 url indexed

    Same problem here . . . nothing indexed since update.

    Google is not indexing any of my pages since this update. It says the sitemap is fine, but though there used to be 70+ pages indexed, now there are none.

    I’ve waited several days and still nothing.

    Very disappointed in this update . . . am considering other options.

    Plugin Contributor Arne Brachhold


    Hi All,

    Please relax. The Statistics in The Google Webmaster Tools are NOT realtime. They lag behind, sometimes up two one or two weeks week. The “Index Status” shows the URLs particularly indexed from this sitemap. Since the sub-sitemaps are new, this can take some time to show up here. Your URLs from the old sitemap are NOT removed! The sitemaps protocol is for adding URLs to the crawling process, not for removing or synchronizing.

    To get a more current result, do a site: search in Google. This will also show you the indexed pages.

    Just to clarify:

    I updated google xml sitemap 2 days ago and I see my search traffic dropped to zero

    Answer from the Google Sitemaps FAQ (from Google!):

    Q: Some folks have claimed that their sites were penalized after they submitted Sitemaps. Is this a coincidence?
    A: Yes. Google will not penalize you for submitting a Sitemap. Sitemaps provide an extra way for us to understand what pages you have on your site, and can help speed up the discovery of new and updated pages on your site. But neither HTML nor XML Sitemaps replace the normal crawling process. Having a Sitemap will not increase your ranking in Google’s search results pages—but it will not reduce it, either.

    Just make sure that:

    • Google does not report any errors for the sitemap. If it found the entries (=submitted pages) IT IS FINE.
    • You are using the same domain everywhere (chose between WITH www OR without, but don’t mix them.)
    • Set a preferred domain (with or without www, the SAME like your blog settings and links in your sitemap) in the site settings of Google Webmaster Tools.

    Please find attached the screenshot of my website, which is using exactly this version of the sitemaps plugin since over two weeks:

    So arnee should i revert back to v3.3.1 or wait because its already 4 days and webmaster still shows status as 0 indexed while it shows the 707 submitted [my pages] on the same day that i submitted the sitemap , so i think there is a problem somewhere ?

    @berserk77 Did you read Arnee’s reply properly? He said it could take around 2 weeks for the new sub-sitemaps to be indexed by Google. Existing crawled URL’s won’t be removed. So just wait.

    @arnee I think multiple sub-sitemap idea is great especially for blogs with huge number of posts. But is it a good idea to create sitemaps for every month? Wouldn’t year be a more practical baseline? Let me know your thoughts on this.

    As an example, my blog is over 6 years old. The number of monthly sitemaps is around 60. Few of these sitemaps just has just 1 or 2 post. So maybe year is a better option?

    I agree with xsreality. I don’t mind the phantom files, but for my ancient blog with 240 posts, very few posts share a month. That’s a LOT of virtual XML files!

    Why you are worried so much, just wait for few days. I also update to 4.0.2 and within 2 days my all posts indexed properly. It will takes some time.

    So do not worry so much because if your sitemap showing 0 indexing then give some time, your previous posts not de-indexed from google. Even if you do not use sitemap, google also crawl your articles but slowly.

    So just wait for few days, this updated version is very good as compared to previous version.

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