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  • I notised that Google Webmaster tools reportet a lot of 500 errors. All the errors are related to various plugins and the theme.

    All my plugins and theme files are updated to the latest version.

    wp-content/plugins/gravityforms/gravityforms.php 500
    wp-content/themes/digitalfarm-child/includes/widgets/widget-woo-adspace.php 500
    wp-content/themes/digitalfarm/functions/admin-medialibrary-uploader.php 500
    wp-content/mu-plugins/domain_mapping.php 500
    wp-content/plugins/video-sidebar-widgets/vsw_tinymce/vsw_tinymce.php 500

    I have 45 of these errors, and I’m affraid that Google will lower the rank because of this. How can I fix them?

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