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  • I spent almost a week figuring out how to insert the code Google for webmaster tool. I have try the 3 methods unsuccessfully. I have read material, watch videos, search the internet. Someone can help me ? One more thing I am a newbie or shall I rather call a dummy. Therefore please avoid non-sense vocabularies and terms because coding is not poetry at all.

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    If this is the Verify code/file, you need to be aware that you must carry out all of the steps whilst you are logged into your webmaster account. If you logout or close your browser before completing the verification process, you have to start all over again.

    Yes it is the verify code file but I left the google page open. Where do you actually paste the google given key ? WP, dashboard, appaerence, coding and then as I could not find the header, I made the change in CPanel of my webhost.

    Do the option to upload a plain .HTML file. It’ll be easier.

    And how do we do that ? (upload a plain HTML file is not part of my dictionary


    Okay 🙂 You know how to use an FTP app and copy a file from your desktop to your server?

    If not, you will need to learn that as most WP debugging eventually needs that particular skill.

    Once you know how to upload files, Google will let you do this: https://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=35658

    OK Ipstenu. I think I found a new way. Please tell me if It makes sense.
    1. My SEO is Yoast WordPress SEO: General.
    2, There is field there called Webmaster tool saying the following

    You can use the boxes below to verify with the different Webmaster Tools, if your site is already verified, you can just forget about these. Enter the verify meta values for:
    Google Webmaster Tools:
    Yahoo! Site Explorer:
    Bing Webmaster Tools:

    I paste the given key by Google, Yahoo and Bing and……..bing it seems to work. I said “seems to work” and I would not have any doubt should it be that easy and no one mention this procedure. Too good to be true ?

    Nope. If you’re using Yoast’s plugin, you’re done. 🙂 He’s that good, and one of the few SEO experts I’ll listen to and respect!

    To Yoast users:

    I just installed Yoast’s SEO plugin. By “verfiy meta values” do I enter the code (i.e. AD8BXXX00000000000000000) or the whole tag? (<meta name=”alexaVerifyID” content=”p-AD8BXXX00000000000000000″ />).

    Many thanks in advance!

    AndalePub – Make a new post for yourself (Though it’s JUST the code)


    Thank you!

    (And, will do in the future 🙂 )


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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