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  • I am unable to access a blog on and it seems the password file is corrupted. The Lost Password routine keeps telling me that my username and email address do not match when I know perfectly well they do! I need to manage the blog but cannot now get at it. There is no sign of a webmaster to contact for help. Does anyone have any ideas to help?

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  • A whois look up show this email address as the domain owner:

    sfalla [ at ] bigpond [ dot ] net [ dot ] au


    Mike, does whois show when and how the domain owner was changed from me to the current one? Forgive my ignorance, I’m very much a newbie!

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    I have a similar problem. I have lost everything in my keychain and now I cannot log in to adminster my blog. http://songofthebeloved/wordpress/. How do I do a lookup to find the email registered for thaat blog?

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    Actually my problem is that WordPress does not have my email on file, so I cannot log on to add blog posts etc. I had my login bookmarked, so that I went straight to the admin page and never had to log on. Now I have lost my keychain and have to log in again, I don’t know my login/password combination. I can still log on to my server. Should I just download everything and upload it to a new blog?

    Problem sovled. It seems the new login page doesn’t work for me. For some reason my username and password weren’t matching up there. I worked backwards and found the old login page and that worked fine.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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