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    I looked at this page for help so pls don’t send me back, it’s way out of my league, techno wise.
    I run a business called Around the World Communication using a WordPress blog that was set up for me and designed by MeowDesign in the UK. However, the owner of the company at Meow has shut down and (I think she is ill) has not transferred my codes or passwords to get into my site ATWCOMM.CO.UK and and the same sites in france (.fr) in order to update them. My site is thus totally out of date and i desperately need help in 1) getting the codes to my site and 2) a mini-tutorial in how to update the blog entries. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much, Suzanne Champion,[email redacted]
    NB I have tried and tried to contact the original designer but to no avail :(((

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    The solution listed above is the only way to access your login details. Perhaps you need to consider hiring someone to obtain these details for you?
    Try or

    OK thanks Esmi will do.

    Login to your database and change the password directly in the database.

    I have no idea how to get into it – I tried accessing my admin page via my website using my site name, “something like” as advised on the help page and it just shot up an error page on my website so there’s no can do there. how many Around the world Communcation websites can there be on wordpress, surely someone must work backstage???
    tks anyway tho robmuzo 🙂

    @abandonedclient – robmuzo is saying that your hosting provider has a ‘control panel’ for your hosting, in that control panel is a phpmysqladmin program that will let you access the database and edit the fields directly.

    What i’m concerned about is that you are getting an error when going to the /wp-admin/ to login.

    Is it an error that you cannot login or a php error?

    If it’s an no login ability then you will need to edit the users in the database as stated above.

    I tried typing in this to my browser: and I got this:Error 404
    Sorry, the page you trying to reach does not exist.
    Please use the menus or the search box to find what you are looking for.

    I think i’m one or two steps behind you here. Can you spot my errors if any thus far? I don’t mind doing this myself, it’s just that it’s a tad foreign, this IT business… ;))

    You are using the wrong url, just do this:

    thanks, that worked up to a point (we’re getting somewhere), the only problem now of course, as i explained before is i don’t have the username or password as my ex webmaster did all that and has not communicated these names and passwords to me before falling off the planet.
    i just got this message when i tried the username of aroundtheworld communication:
    “Around the World Communication
    Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

    ERROR: There is no user registered with that email address.
    Username or E-mail:

    Log in”

    Have you got log in info for your host account where you can get access to databases? if so you can reset you admin user name password in database.

    nope, i’ve been searching all that she gave me and i only have my email web passwords. nothing on wordpress. Don’t these wordpress folks have an admin dept who can verify who i am and let me into my site????

    Your hosting provider would have that information, the place where your website is hosted/providing ‘space’ for your website to be on.

    I did a tracert and it went to which is owned by these guys: which is possibly who your website is hosted on, does that ring a bell with you?

    You payed your web guy some money to create the site, sure – but they had to put that site on some hosting service. When you find out who that is you can then discuss with them on getting your access to those databases.

    Don’t these wordpress folks have an admin dept who can verify who i am and let me into my site????

    Are this websites hosted on your own host account if so then wordpress does not have any info as wordpress is a free program that can be hosted where ever you want.

    from whois i found this info see that helps you who is hosting your website
    Nameservers :

    I just paid a bill to netissime, elb multimedia group for my French domain but they sent me the renewal form to my business address (thk goodness). This didn’t happen for my dot com site (they’re all linked) and i have subsequently lost this site. I guess this enom company might be the domain holders for the site. It rings no bells but i will research some emails from my ExWebmaster.
    I feel like i’m getting somewhere, thanks so much for all your help so far Frumph :)))

    Out of curiosity, how did you trace my site to enom. how does one do that??

    By doing a traceroute…

    if your in windows, start -> run -> cmd

    then type in tracert <your domain name> the last place that shows up is the location of where your site is. which in your case was then I searched the net to find out who owned and found that it was enom

    Enom is also a reseller to hosting, so it’s possible that your actual hosting provider is not them but someone that uses them to resell hosting accounts.

    You can all info you need about your domain name here

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