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    I’m having nothing but trouble with (which I’m assuming is an affiliate of since they refrence, link to, and utilize the forums and support of this website) and after over a dozen attempts over three months to email a ‘real person’ at WeBlog (since they don’t have a phone number), I’m still not getting answers to my questions. The sad thing is that im ACTUALLY paying for the blog space and premium service/support, but the site is slow-loading (if it loads at all due to PHP and database problems), completely riddled with errors, and I can’t get a real person to reply to an email…

    I have an award-winning column that I write and I chose to move it to a blog format ( to foster communication.

    I just can’t deal with a ‘no contact / no support’ policy anymore, especially when I’m paying for a service. This is a junky service that didn’t deliver what they promised, and what I’m paying for; however, I have no way of contacting the company… what do I do? I have tried to email,, and even tried to use the premium support service inside my administration panel (WHICH I SPECIFICALLY PAY FOR), and still I have had no response at all… am I the only person who is having this problem?

    To my understanding, when is up and running again, I can export my blog data and use WordPress to setup my own Blog on my server? Is that right?

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  • so far as I am aware has absolutely nothing to do with WordPress, other than they might use WordPress on their site. I don’t think it can be classed as an affiliate.

    yes you can export data from one WordPress installation and import into another.

    looks like someone is using wordpress multi site feature and resale If I was you I will install one on your own host account they are not that expensive this days. Go with well known host as there lots of resalers this days and you will be in same boat no support.

    Right now I’m simply trying to export two years worth of blog entries from the website, wherein my account is; I can’t do this because WeBlog has been down for many days with the following error: Error establishing a database connection.

    Thanks for letting me know that they aren’t associated with WordPress; it is somewhat confusing when WeBlog’s administration panel is excactly the same as WordPress’ in appearance (as well as their resources, support links and everything else). Does anyone know if I can access/backup my last two years of blog posts by not going through their website (and maybe getting them through WordPress since it is the a multi site feature)?

    I fully intented to move the blog to my own hosting server at, and utilize WordPress to update the blog, then pursue legal action…

    It is extremely unlikely that you can access any data whilst their site is down. Because they use the Multisite feature of WordPress it is going to affect everyone who they host.

    You’ll just have to wait and pray for them to sort it out.

    if they were managing their own server then I am sorry to say that they are only ones can help you unless you kept a backup of your own .

    I’m just shocked that I’m not finiding any buzz at all online about the website being down for days, their service in general, and there is no vehicle of communication what so ever; is that odd?

    @rich ‘elfin’ Pedley **waiting and praying***

    I checked the domain name by going to and the name is registered at Go daddy and DNS names are the same as domain so looks like they must a dedicated server somewhere.

    in case you hadn’t noticed… looks like we can reach your site again.

    Thanks, this has been resolved and I got a XML document of my feed.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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