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  • I have the menus placed just about the header image. However, when I add a title via wp-admin, then hide it via the stylesheet, I can’t get those menus back above the header. The closest I get is so they are right at the very top of the header image as they are now. Tips?

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  • I’ve been using trial and error to find the right thing to edit but I just can’t figure it out. Any help out there?




    I dont think anyone understands the problem, I dont, at least.

    what is the difference between where you want them, and where they are now? Youre not being clear enough, “since above the header image” is NO different then how I see them now? Theyre simply aligned to the left.

    If you need help with something like this, it’s useful to leave the problem in tact, so that people can see it, not guess at what you want.

    Unless of course, you have fixed, since I see a title tag in your source.. (hence the confusion)

    The site needs to be usable soon. When I posted the problem, it wasn’t.

    Where they are now isn’t above the header image. They are currently on top of the header image. Previously, I had the header image dropped down from the top of the page about 20 pixels or so. The gap between the top of the page and the header image is where I wanted the menus to go. The closest I could get them after hiding the title was where they are now…at the very top of the header image.

    I changed the menus back to their original position. The white area above the header image is where I would like the menus to go. If I leave the title text box blank in mt-admin, all is fine. Once I add in the title then hide it, the menus will not go any further up.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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