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    Ok, I’m getting frustrated that is why I’m asking you guys. So please contact me if you know anything about this.

    When I go to options and edit the Tagline and Weblog title it dose update, but when I visit the site itself there is no changes… Here is the site,

    And this bug only goes for the “home” well first, main page, the other pages get whatever I chose to put in the boxes in general options.

    If this isn’t a known bug or so, witch files should i go into and edit? Maybe this is something that gets saved in one of the db files of wp? I don’t know but incase so, what is the name of it?

    Yet again please do contact me or reply to this post, thank you for your time and kindness!

    My dearest regards, Aypeus (Daniel)

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  • you might just need to clear your internet cache, or do a hard refresh

    That I have done 10 times.

    Well I had to do a fresh install of WP and everything else to solve this so if anyone else have the same problem that is what I would suggest.

    I would say that this problem (which I also have) is not resolved. It would seem to be a WP bug.

    If I do have to do a “fresh install of WP”: how would I go about it?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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