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  • Hi,

    There are couple of problems with the plugin:

    1) When using a user’s extension number, no planned conferences shown on the page. In dev console the following JS error is displayed:
    Uncaught TypeError: $.templates is not a function
    from line
    Plugin settings has no tab “templates” as I can see it on some screenshots (maybe an older version?)

    2) Using conferencing extension (assigned automatically, not the one of user who creates conferences) causes “User not found extension” error. Is it supposed to be a user’s extension?

    3) Is the plugin still supported and developed anyhow? Last update was made 9 months ago. Is there any alternative way of integrating 3CX webinars to WordPress?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Also interested in this and seeing the same/similar behaviour.

    Did see this related post which talked about a clash with other plugins

    I find the plugin extremly useful, but its causing problems in combination with eg. BackupBuddy backup plugin. I asked iThemes (author of BackupBuddy) to have a look into this but I assume, that these problems are caused by 3CX webinar plugin, as it does not support latest PHP versions (in our case PHP-FPM 7.3.18). We regularly run into error 503; Apache Error AH01067.

    @3cx: Please update 3CX webinars and test it with latest PHP and WordPress versions. Thanks!

    Some feature requests for the next release of 3CX webinars:

    1) When setting up a new webinar, 3CX forces you to add at least one participant to the webinar. This leads into an occoupied seat and reduces the total number of available seats. With webmeetings it makes sense to force naming at least one participant, but not with webinars.
    2) It should be possible to disable the plugin from displaying the total number of seats taken on the WordPress webinar page. For example, if you have 25 seats and only 2 are taken, this could be interpreted by potential attendees as “this webinar is not attractive”.
    3) Please release a new version that has been tested with the latest version of WordPress (5.4.1) and supports at least PHP-FPM 7.3.18.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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