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  • I hope the topic is allowed. I’m looking for a cheap but reliable webhost. I use my WP as a personnal journal that’s intended to be read mostly by friends and family, so the traffic is really not intense, and I don’t have a big amount of images to host. So brandwidth and space is not an issue there and I don’t really need unlimited anything. However I do need more than 1 MySQL database, and the possibility of making a website (not WP powered) in the future. So I want something that’s the cheapest possible while still being reliable. But I still want to be able to do some basic coding to my blog, and have full control of MySQL database, so and other similar sites are out.

    After searching through the support forums, I’ve essentially narrowed it down to A Small Orange or Nearly Free Speech. There seems to be a lot of good recommendations about ASO here, but I was wondering if anyone had any problems with them. Nearly Free Speech would probably turn out to be cheaper than ASO, but does anyone know if they supports WP well, and if they’re reliable?


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