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  • I am in the process of developing a plugin that will consume the Webgistix API. Webgistix is an order fulfillment company, sorta like shipwire. You sign up and pay them god knows what to hold your inventory and handle shipping your customer’s orders out.

    I am creating it for a client, to be used in conjunction with the wp-ecommerce plugin.

    Firstly, If someone else has done this before, I would love to see their work.

    Secondly, Is there a proper way to hook functionality (for example my api) into a thrid party plugin (again for example, wp-ecommerce)?

    Thirdly, If no one has done this previously, is there any interest in the community for this sort of thing? Should I release it when I’m done?


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  • If you are interested in outsourcing order fulfillment you should check out SBC Fulfillment. We have a published API that you could use to write the Word Press ecommerce integration. We have already written integration with the Magento ecommerce platform. If you are looking to out source order fulfillment you should check us out.


    I would love to write integration into ANY other shipping fulfillment system, but my client already has a history with Webgistix. They are dead set on using both that and wp-ecommerce. They are moving away from their Magento install.

    @everyone else:

    I’m finding out Webgistix’ API is a load of bollocks. They have simple (and terrible) errors in their xml.

    example 1:
    <?xml version=”1.0″?>

    The line above is missing before all of their responses. Most, if not all, of PHP’s XML parsers require that line to be there or throw a parse error.

    example 2:

    On line 2 they open an ItemCreationError tag, and on line 5 close a ItemInsertionError.

    That is some bad juju.

    Well, I’ve worked out most of the errors present in the API through Webgistix customer support. They were pretty quick about making fixes once I pointed out their errors.

    They said they would review my suggestions to make their API better. But I’m not really holding my breath.

    If anyone is interested, email support[at]webgistix[dot]com. Suggest they:
    1. Prefix their responses with xml declarations.
    2. Use a standard credential for all four api requests. They currently have:
    2a. Shipping API: CustomerID, Password
    2b. Tracking API: Customer, Password, Username
    2c. ItemCreation API: Customer, Password
    2d: Inventory API: CustomerID, Password

    Some of the Passwords aren’t the same throughout. There is no where to get a Username for the Tracking API aside from contacting support.

    I don’t know if this thread is still going but I wanted to add my 2 cents. I started writing custom integration about two weeks ago and haven’t had any problems so far. May be they’ve fixed their API since then ? Looks like they did take your advice :).

    I do agree with you about the support system, every question that I asked got an almost immediate response.

    @fyaconiello or nyProgrammer
    I am faced with a similar situation and would love some feed back .. if you could contact me directly I would happily pay your for your time.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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