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  • Hey!

    This is my first post in this forum, and it goes something like this:

    I’ve written my first plugin for WordPress. It was actually first started as another project in actionscript, but even since the start I had the idea that it could/should be converted to a WordPress plugin.

    The plugin is an application made in actionscript, that lets visitors easily grab webcam images of themself directly on the site, and add them to a comment. It will then show up as a thumbnail next to the comment and will show a bigger image when clicked.

    * Let’s the user attach and remove an image to the comment
    * Skinnable GUI (normal .png’s)

    * Flash Player
    * Javascript
    * “Avatars” (“Show Avatars” must be activated from the “Discussion Settings”)
    * And of course a webcam

    Known bugs:
    * Sometimes the page keeps loading and loading, even though everything is already loaded
    * Language files (.mo) seem to crash the plugin (shows a white page when sending the comment)

    Before actually releasing it, I’d lite to hear your opinions about it, and maybe report any bugs. All (most) kind of feedback is appriciated. You can test it here:

    In my example I’ve used the Lightbox plugin for the popups, which of course is not included in my own plugin.

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  • hey man!
    I’d love to use your plugin.
    do you plan to release to the public soon? do you need beta testers maybe? or just suggestions?

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