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  • I’m always looking for quality plug-ins to use on my company website, and I stumbled today on what appear to be some great invoicing plug-ins. Though I’m a bit confused … while posted by different authors, Web Invoice and WP Invoice look to be identical.

    Did one developer copy the other? I usually like to add my own features and contribute to development where I can, so in this case I want to work with the *original* developer. I’m assuming s/he would have a deeper understanding of the way the plug-in works.

    Which one appears to be the original?

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  • Links to both plugins, please.

    Plus, author’s pages: (Web Invoice) (WP Invoice)

    And, author’s websites:, and other website:


    TwinCitiesTech is the company that developed WP Invoice. But they are a company, so updates are not often done. Around March 2009, mohanjith, a Sri-lankan developer, took WP Invoice, upgraded it, and released it under Web Invoice. There is no indication that mohanjith reported this to the original author, or worked with them.
    However, it appears that WP Invoice was updated on the same date this post: was published!

    I guess you would have to contact either of them to make sure…

    Hope that helps

    The original WordPress invoicing plugin is WP-Invoice, this can be seen at the respective plugins’ Stats pages – WP-Invoice was launched on December 31st, 2008. While “Web Invoice” was launched over three months later.

    The “developer” of Web Invoice never contacted us, the original developers, asking permission (out of common courtesy, perhaps) to modify our plugin and re-distribute it.

    We contacted the”author”, asking him to either take down the plugin, or give us noticeable credit, but to no response.

    Although we encourage user modifications for personal use, we believe that a public re-release of copied code is questionable in character, especially when the “modifications” are centered around inserting one’s lucrative affiliate links. is a respectable company, and we have continued to improve and support WP-Invoice requests throughout the months, as may be seen at our UserVoice page – We’ve acted upon, and implemented over 30 user-originated suggestions.

    So if you are interested in additional modifications to the original plugin, while working with the original developer, feel free to contact us:

    Thank you.

    Thank you all for the clarification!

    I disagree with andypotanin. I have given credit to WP-Invoice as in mentioning that Web Invoice is a fork of WP-Invoice.

    Fork was due to two reasons,

    1) WP-Invoice would make releases that would break existing functionality or the whole plugin (may be things have improved now).
    2) I use Moneybookers and AlertPay to process credit cards and WP-Invoice lacked support (See, the request to add support for Moneybookers was declined)

    Web Invoice also has performance improvements (reduced DB queries), internationalization, and fixed issues related to upgrade in addition to the obvious new features.

    Web Invoice is much more efficient and stable than WP-Invoice (I cannot comment whether WP-Invoice has improved on those now).

    I guess everybody but TwinCitiesTech will appreciate the competition created with the fork ;).

    Personally I like WP Invoices much better. Better options, paypal support, etc etc … it’s funny how you mention they declined support for Moneybookers (which I’ve never heard of until now). I laugh because on your forums you claim you’ll only add PayPal support to your plug if you get 50 votes. Moneybooker only got 3 and was declined because of lack of interest.

    All in all I do have to admit my confusion when I did a search for this plug. I’m glad I went to the techcities one since that’s the one I honestly wanted and think is the better of the two – no offense.

    @taddmencer, what I declined was PayPal IPN support, not basic PayPal integration. Even WP invoice lacks PayPal IPN support.

    It’s all about the choice. It’s always good to have competition. 🙂

    @mohanjith, agreed, competition is always a good thing. For the better company, that is. Best of luck to you–you’ll need all you can get!

    It’s all about the choice. It’s always good to have competition. 🙂

    And that’s what we love about GPL and WordPress… 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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