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  • I am so fed up with Yahoo Web Hosting. I like the features in many areas, but when it come to things like WP it’s an endless hassle.

    They do not support php, and they don’t allow .htaccess
    When I call customer support with anything but basic questions the are entirely incompetent, and I end no better than when I started. I can’t even get them to figure out what I have to do to increase my php memory!

    If you can get past the php part they pass you off to a higher level of tech support who is email only, and often you never even hear from them, not to mention the fact that dealing with a technical issue via email is almost useless.

    I really like the fact that Yahoo allows you ti simple install or delete WP right from you domain control panel, and not have to manually install and configure it.

    Are there any hosts out there that make it easy for those of us running things like WP blogs, forums, etc. Is there anyone who when you call them about problems they actually have a clue? I have also tried ipowerweb, and was not impressed.

    If anyone actually has GOOD EXPERIENCES with web host then please share the love.

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  • I have had great experiences with Bluewho, Dotable, Innohosting, Knownhost and Futurehosting. I would recommend that you head over to a place like and do some research.

    After my own search for a reliable web host at, I found a reseller account I love through Good luck on your search.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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