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  • Hi there, just installed wordpress tonight. Seemed to work fine, can get into admin area, but when I ‘view’ the posts already there I only see my regular homepage. Is the same when I view ‘posts’ or ‘pages’.

    Is there something I’m missing here, or something I’ve done wrong with the installation?

    site is if that helps.

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  • Hi,

    In your folder, that you’ve installed the wordpress blog, gather it is on the same folder as your website?

    The site here there, however, you won’t the see the blog, because it’ll display the webpage,

    Do you want to have the blog other write your website? You can remove the website.

    If so: (here is my disclaimer: make sure you back up your website: I am not responisble if your files go missing ok?)

    But safer option is to create a hyperlink linking to your blog. So install wordpress in a folder called blog, and create the blog online, once you are ready to launch the blog include a hyperlink to your bglog from your website.

    I help this helps. I would suggest go with the latter option

    saw this thread and having a related problem…..what file in the wordpress folder do I link to from my website to access/see the blog page?

    Just link to the main WP folder. For example, you have a website at If you installed WP in /blog then just link to If you have WP installed correctly that should be all you need to do.

    @teltale2009: The file would be

    The issue to manage is if the website structure at is also based on PHP it will already have it’s own index.php file that you will overwrite if you try and unzip the WP files in the domain root.

    Even if the original website was HTML you would have an index.html file and based on your server config/.htaccess directives the server would choose one (index.html or index.php) as the ‘go to’ file, ignoring the other. There can not be overlap, besides, imagine the maintenance!

    Hence, turbonostics suggestion to install WP in a subdomain.

    Once installed in a subdomain, you would add the URL to the blog as described above…

    Great, thanks a lot for that guys. I try those things out tonight and see how I go.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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