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  1. lucky_strike
    Posted 10 years ago #


    some years ago, I used a small CMS called phpcms - a simple filebased application. There were not very much plugIns and special applications for phpcms, but that was no problem, because the phpcms had a little tool called webgrab http://www.phpcms.de/webgrab/index.en.html

    With webgrab, I could rip content from any other app I used (php, asp, perl, phyton etc.) into my phpcms. The graber just deletes html header, footer, special formatings and rewrites the links inbetween the app into a webgrab path. Well, this doesnt't make phpcms really faster ;), and it isnt't the most elegant solution. But the grabbing-tool worked fast enough for websites with small or medium traffic (example: http://www.phpcms.de/forum/index.en.html - a stand alone forum parsed into a phpcms layout)

    So my question: Is there any plugIn for wordpress, that gives me the possibilty to grab content from any kind of stand alone app into wordpress? What's the best solution? Using a plugIn-tool like ezsatic and a standalone-version of webgrab? Any idea, how I can use other apps inbetween my wordpress layout (for example a customized merchandising shop like this http://www.epresso.com/shops/frame.php?shopId=1202&&lang=en ) ???

    Thanks for your time..!

  2. RaynerApe
    Posted 10 years ago #

    None yet.
    There is ezStatic if you want to integrate a static HTML or PHP application within the template as if they are pages.

  3. davidchait
    Posted 10 years ago #

    With the new theme/template structure, it is fairly easy to modify other PHP files to utilize the theme structure, to 'look' like the rest of your site. Good for integrating news pages, carts/shops, etc.


  4. lucky_strike
    Posted 10 years ago #

    How ever, I tried for about one houer to use the parser ob webgarb inbetween WP - but I need to much time to fix all the bugs of that solution... example: and old forum (perl-cgi) parsed into WP
    http://lahr.net/beta/media-ARCHIV2.php (...endles bugs ;-)))

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