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  • I recently installed the Web Fonts plugin so that I could use a font from, but I have been unable to get the font to work with my WordPress site.

    The plugin installed correctly, and I was able to connect to, get an authentication key, and add the font (ITC Franklin Gothic Demi) to a project. It even shows up in the correct typeface when I click the “See Project Fonts” link.

    However, it does not display correctly on the Manage Stylesheets tab, and even though I have assigned it to a bunch of CSS selectors used in my site’s theme (a lightly-edited child theme based on the default Twenty Eleven theme), I have been unable to get the font to display.

    has anyone successfully used this plugin? Is there any documentation anywhere about how to use this plug-in?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I have almost the same situation. The fonts display properly on the public front end of the site, but not in the admin editor or in the Manage Stylesheets tab (the correct fonts are listed there, but their samples display as admin default). Am also using a lightly edited Twenty Eleven theme (though the CSS is *temporarily* applied via the Theme Extensions plugin, rather than as a child theme). Since Twenty Eleven supports the <add_editor_style()> function, I’m not sure why I can’t see correct fonts in admin & editor areas. Any insights here? SITE IS AT

    Guys, I ran into this issue as well. To my horror I discovered my trusted browser (Chrome) refuses to display http content over https (which this plugin tries to do: access the font APIs over http). Firefox for me displays the fonts as expected.

    I went ahead and changed the plugin code in my installation to use https for both (fonts-com.php) and google web fonts (google-web-fonts.php) and that seems to have temporarily fixed the issue for me. If this is your situation too, I’d suggest you try the same.

    Would you be willing to share where you changed the code? (Sorry — I’m not a coding expert). I’m having the same problem on all browsers, but this might at least be a clue. Thanks!

    Doesn’t look like the author is supporting this any longer…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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