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  • Hi

    Can someone help me with issues with my site?

    1. I am using a local webfont which is not rendering when users are directed from external links. This occurs on the latest version of mobile chrome. When the page is refreshed then the font renders.

    2. I am using the facebook codes to add a Like button, and comment section to my site. I followed the directions from facebook. There are display issues with the Like button after it is clicked, and I’m not sure if the comments section is working properly. I also have a paid for facebook plugin, which is a content locker. However it only appears on a hidden page.

    3. Is there a way to build a mobile redirect for only one specific page? For the smallest types of devices; my nav bar link changes to a mobile redirect. However, the desktop version has a tweet button on the page in question; the link it sends out is to the desktop version. For mobile users whom click the link I need to redirect them to the mobile version. Is this possible?

    4. I have tried to use a few cache pluggins to speed up the load time on my site. For some reason when using these the local web font was not displayed in Chrome on the desktop site. Why, and how can this be fixed so that I can use caching without losing the web font?

    Thanks in advanced, and here is a link to my site:

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