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  • I hired someone to build my website using a wordpress platform and that website designer never gave me access or instruction on how to access my account or edit my pages or blog. How do I:

    A: gain administrative access to regain control of my businesses web presence.

    B: Find a tutorial on how to blog and update my website content.

    I own this company and the website but I am having issues with my former website designer that has been removed from the project.

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  • First things first. Assuming you don’t have an WordPress Administrator’s ID and Password:

    1. To gain administrative access to your web site, you need to “own” the web hosting. That will allow you to ask the web hosting company to give you the ID and password to your web hosting account. Which, in turn, will allow you to access your WordPress database and files, and change the relevant database entry to get you an Admin ID and password.
    2. Or, in the worst case scenario, “own” the domain name ( registration and point it to other web hosting, but that still leaves you the challenge of “getting” a backup of your WordPress files and database.

    Of course, you will need to change passwords and e-mail addresses of IDs to prevent your former designer from regaining access, including using the “I forgot my password” back door.

    I “OWN” the domain and hosting and I have contacted my domain host. The former web designer has no access to my domain names or to my hosting server. Through my domain host account the passwords have been changed. I just need access to the wordpress platform so I can control the content on my site.

    I assume that I need to get a wordpress Administrators ID. So I have control and own my domain name and hosting and passwords have been changed with my domain host. How do I get a WordPress Administrators ID?

    Hopefully, this page addresses all of the possibilities in your case:

    I am locked out of administering the site that I own.

    This doesn’t work if I do not have the user name or password or even in fact the email address she had this information sent to.

    Please take a look again at the link I gave you. The section here should work:

    It allows you to see the existing user IDs and reset the password.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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