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  • Hey guys, The new Theme i have made is all DIVs; and IE is showing it like crap. So i was thinking of some kind of a browser detection that will decide a theme to use upon the browser and the assigned themes to browsers. or more simple <!—if EI—-> use theme /themes/IE_SUCKS:)

    any one have any ideas how this could be done??

    PS you can check out the new theme at and for fun u can open in in IE and see the confusion the poor fellow faces 🙂

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  • whooami



    thats a record.

    any particular reason why youre using the strict doctype?

    and “it looks a mess” in ie, because youre not taking into account the fact that ie doesnt do margins and padding the same way FF does. That or there are mysterious structural errors in your validation, god knows I didnt look through all 1202

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    In all my years I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many.
    1. Try your theme on a clean installation of WordPress, so that you know poorly written plugins, etc aren’t adding to the problem.
    2. Learn more about doctypes. That’s not even close to xhtml strict.

    lol tx guys i know, its incredibly stupidly coded, i mean i made it like the way i want to see it lol, wow 1202 thats rough, no reason for using strict, just read some where i should so i gave it a try. there are really no plugins added that can make effect the only plugins added are the rating and the login

    also the site in question is valid

    but this really does not answer my question about the browser detect and the theme selection

    any idea guys

    and the link at question here is not thats showing 1202 errors its which is valid

    and the reason there is 1202 errors in is because of the bookmark plugin thats under every post

    so guys any ideas?????

    Michael Torbert


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    If you google “detect browser” you’ll find how to detect the browser… however, there’s no html that does this, you’ll need to use a programming language.

    As for switching the theme based on this, you’ll need PHP to do that.

    right that i knew, i just thought somebody would have a better way for doing this, and had done this before but i guess i will wait till someone here has an idea that is not google hehe sorry for being cocky. and when you mean programming language you mean like javascript, because thats the language used most of teh times for this stuff

    or i can use the famous Conditional Statements ex:
    <!–[if IE 5]>
    <p>Poor Fellow.</p>

    so i guess instead of Poor Fellow i can open a <?php> there that will change the theme

    what you think?

    Michael Torbert


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    No, I don’t mean javascript. I mean javascript, PHP, asp, vb, etc… a programming language, just like I said.

    And no I don’t mean <!–[if IE 5]> and such, because that is very limited. and wouldn’t send any data to the PHP code on the server.

    What you’re asking for isn’t something that can be done quickly, it would take some work.

    most people use ie specific stylesheets, not a whole different theme.

    yeah i have looked at specific style sheeting, i think it works out better

    yeah and everything can be done quickly, if someone has done it already, all i need is to copy paste, the problem with me and many teens of my age is i am too arrogant to sit and re learn or code, i just find use change.

    and i have found hundreds of solutions, i just thought “why not ask on wp forums” after all its a wp related thing. so i thought someone has done it and has done all the different ways and is using one method now. i guess i will wait another few days. if not i can i guess write a plugin 🙂 that will just use javascript to detect and than a either css change or a theme change can be chosen in the admin side

    so i thought someone has done it

    most of us design our sites with all browsers in mind to begin with. its pretty ridiculous to be changing a whole theme just because youre too lazy to build it correctly or fix your problems.

    You could have save a lot of bandwith by searching …

    yeah i had doen that before, no one has a solution for changing the theme, and the solutions that i found just use the Conditional Statements than a @import for css change.
    i don’t really have problems, i just have no reason for making it cross browser with tables instead of divs. why recode the site its fully valid as it is here the valid. LINK

    and i like the way its coded. its messy and noobish the way it should not be. but my lack of coding skills does not answer my question




    and we need that why?

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