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  • Hi
    This is the site <a href=”
    I’d like to add padding to the left hand side of the navigation bar so that it lines up with the white box below.
    Can anyone advise the code for this – and confirm I would add this in the <head> section under advanced options?

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  • If you have rpo, this would be an option in the Main Option > Menus page.
    Without Pro, you can add the rule below to Advanced options > HEad Section > CUstom CSS Rule Box
    #access .menu {padding-left:22.5%;}

    Using a percentage value instead of fixed pixel value will allow the site to stay responsive and the alignemt to work on devices with a smaller screen

    This is perfect – thank you so much!

    Hi again
    Sorry to resend – but I did this, it seemed to work, I haven’t changed any settings but it’s reverted back to the old alignment – even though the code is still there – any thoughts?

    Because you change your menu, so it no longer carries the class .menu.
    Using the developer tools I can see the new class is .menu-header-menu-container so you need to modify the rule so it is
    #access .menu-header-menu-container {padding-left:23%;}

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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