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  • After looking for a highly customizable Theme for a long time, I settled down on Weaver II. I have been using the theme for a few months now, so for those of you out there looking for feedback, I though I would give you my impressions.

    At first what attracted me was of course the highly customizable aspect of it (you can create virtually any layout with that theme), but also the fact that is was a fresh HTML5 / CSS3 rewrite, that it had full Mobile support (how can you even consider a theme these days that does not has fully integrated support for mobile devices 🙂 ), and most importantly the fact that the developer seemed very active and had a very responsive support Forum (there is nothing worse than a great theme or plug-in that has poor ongoing support in the constantly changing world of WordPress).

    In the Past Few month of using the theme, getting to know it in its intricate details, and participating in the forum, I am fully convinced that I have mad an Excellent choice.

    Weaver not only has very flexible layout features including advanced header footer and menu options, but you also discover a host of Per Page and Per Post editing options that take the level of customization way beyond what you usually expects.
    You can create pages with posts in many different ways, filter their content by any attribute like categories tags etc,, and you even have the ability to manage Custom Post Types in the page with posts templates and Shortcodes.
    Shortcodes are another mine of features in Weaver for all sort of essential things from showing Post to Videos, to Widgets, Extra Menus, Social buttons even a Shortcoder etc…, the list is too long to go through.
    On top of the many Layout features, Weaver gives you access to all sorts of HTML Insertions points in the structure of the pages making layout possibilities almost limitless.
    You quickly find out that no matter your design or functionality problem, there usually is a solution within Weaver II, and that means less plug-ins required which for me is a big plus.
    On the design side, you have an infinite number of places to customize the CSS of the site, and when the one object you want to style does not have its option, you can add any Custom CSS rules you need to tweak it.

    And of course as mentioned previously Weaver II offers extensive Mobile device support which differentiates between Smartphones, Small Tablets and Large Tablets; it even differentiates between landscape and portrait for Small Tablets. This mobile support includes excellent automatic options as well as full Mobile customization. In today’s world where the majority of Web access is starting to be on these mobile devices, you cannot afford not to have this kind of support for your site.

    In the end Weaver II succeeds to make it a breeze for total beginners to achieve what then want, but it also provides a structure that can be tweaked by advanced users at any level.

    It is impossible to go through all the features offered by Weaver II but visit its site (, it has the full documentation posted there, tutorials, video and a great demo site.

    Most importantly, take it for a test drive, and take the time to learn all its functionalities, you will not be disappointed.

    See you soon on the

    A very enthusiastic Weaver II user 🙂

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  • ^^^ What they said.
    I couldn’t have said it any better!

    Yes agree to all that.

    I have implemented this version as a child theme on a multisite to allow each site admin to customize as they wish. The options are fantastic and the built in mobile support is great – indeed what should be part of any modern theme.

    I am in total agreement, there is nothing else available that offers so this much customisabilty, straight out of the box. Give the free version a go, it won’t be long before you purchase the professional version.

    What an excellent review Scrambler. and I am in total Agreement. Indeed the reason to purchase PRO right out of the gate is seamless MOBILE Support. I came to Weaver a newbie and had no problem putting together a good looking, workable site knowing very little HTML, PHP and CSS. The Weaver Pro Forum offers superior help to those who need it.

    In addition to the Mobile support, I forgot to mention one very important aspect of the Weaver II Theme, and it is the fact that the Theme is fluid.

    This means that regardless of the Browser window size, It will adapt and show everything in the appropriate manner.
    In this day and age people’s level of equipment is very variable. It will range from Wide 24″ display on desktops to netbooks or old laptop with not so much resolution.

    With Weaver II, you can design at a reasonably large size to be at your best on large modern displays, yet know that it will scale properly on lower resolution screen, showing your whole site, without the need for people to scroll horizontally if their screen isn’t that big.

    Note: If you are a hardcore fan of rigid sites you can still do that, but why would you 🙂

    I am really delighted with the Weaver II Theme, I love the way it displays on any device/screen size, I love how easy it is to customise with step by step instructions and useful little notes on just about everything.
    SEO-wise it is excellent, my bounce rate and user engagement have really improved since swapping the first of my sites to this theme, I am certain that this is because I have a high percentage of mobile users in the niche I am in.
    Brilliant, I love it!

    I just wanted to give this five stars but I cannot figure out how to get to the ratings section! I think Bruce’s support is second to none, and there are also some great moderators on the Weaver forum who are really helpful (take a bow, Gillian, Scrambler, Joy). Total flexibility with all the benefits of WordPress. What more can I say?

    I am getting this error each time I try to install. Any suggestions?
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_multi_author() in /home/content/99/7391599/html/wp-content/themes/weaver-ii/functions.php on line 1227

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    I am getting this error each time I try to install. Any suggestions?

    Yes. Please start your own support thread.

    You can add my kudos for the Weaver II theme. Although we are on a very tight budget within an hour of first viewing the Weaver II website and forum I had purchased the multisite PRO version.

    I have 5 domains and I challenge just about anyone without experience in web design to be able to tell that they were all made with the same theme. I’ve been out of the web design game for about 12 years, back in the time when you would sit down and bang out some HTML and throw up a web site that would look pretty decent. That was around the time that CSS was just coming out so when I got back into it back in Feb I was aware tha there was something out there called CSS but had no idea what it was.

    My hosting provider, Bluehost provides about 5 different CMS’s and I fumbled through all of them before I discovered WordPress. I liked it immediately and started working on my sites. After browsing through all the different themes and finding the ones that I thought most appropriate for the focus of each site (photo callery, blog, resume landing page, etc) I realized that I would have to provide mobile support for all of the different sites and while looking for mobile friendly themes I came across Weaver II.

    To make a long story short (I know, too late) Weaver II fits all of my needs for 5 very different sites. I’m glad I came across it, I’d recommend it to anyone. One other thing that really impressed me was the author’s credentials. He knows his stuff, has long been an innovator, and supports his product.

    Thanks so much to everyone. I’d been mulling over various themes — thinking that I really want one that is very flexible and customizable as I code a lot of html and css already and am learning php. So I know I won’t be happy with constraints of many themes.

    Great reviews and information.

    I’ve set up wordpress sites for lots of my friends as an alternative pastime to doing sudoku, and I always install weaver – now weaver ii. Most of my friends were complete newbies, but weaver is good straight out of the box (the interface is a bit intimidating at first: a “don’t panic – nothing needs changing” would be a good heading for it), and also it’s capabilities grow along with the newbie’s abilities and aspirations. It really does encourage you to give it a good tweak!

    I just decided on Weaver II too, and it’s so reassuring to read these comments.Thanks for taking the time to post positive feedback… so often people only post problems, so it’s hard to get a clear picture of which themes are really good.

    Now I’m going to my Weaver II Admin page and click Donate!

    Rather than Donate, Buy the Pro version on Weaver’s site, it is well worth it !

    I agree. Weaver II is my survival tool, my Swiss Army knife. I can customize and launch a website in a day using Weaver II. You can create a blog with thousands of free themes pretty easily. Within 10 minutes using Weaver II, though, you can create your own professional looking site that doesn’t look like it came from a theme. I have used various versions of Weaver and loved all them. I liked Weaver II so much, I just bought the Pro version. Try it you won’t regret it. You won’t look back. I’m Mack and I approved this message.

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