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    I have a background wrapper that goes around the entire outside of the website that I haven’t figured out how to remove it (it’s white right now). Any ideas? The website is: Thank you!!

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    This is due to the css in your theme stylesheet for the body element

    background-color: transparent;

    Remove that one line or include your color.



    Thanks for your response. In Weaver II you can’t change the code … or you can but they’ve got so many customization options it’s crazy. What I want to do is eliminate that outside “border” or “image” and have the entire page consist of the rest. So maybe I just need to expand the rest of it. I’ve tried so many things I’m not sure what to do. Anyone experienced with Weaver II should know. Thanks again!



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    There is not a simple way to do what you want — as the theme was not designed that way. You can get rid of the white by removing the padding in #wrapper and #body — and remove the max-width from the #wrapper — but then, as you will see, the header image is not wide enough (once the browser window is wider than the set max-width). Plus, when the browser window is wide, the layout is distorted…

    Perhaps consider finding another theme that has the basic layout and look that you want.



    I think you’re right…may have to get a new theme..,thanks for your response!



    if you want to change the color of the outside background, you can do that in Main Options > General Appearance > Outside BG box

    If you want to remove the space around the wrapper, you can do that by putting a Zero in Main Options > Layout > Theme Margins boxes

    If you have a different issue, please be more specific.



    @scrambler – that’s it. I wanted to eliminate the outside wrapping around the web page. Here’s the solution:

    Weaver II Admin – Main Options – Layout
    Change Theme Width from default 940 to 1000
    Theme Margins Top/Bottom and Left/Right – enter 0 in all four boxes
    Wrapper Padding – enter 0

    Thank you very much for your response!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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