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    Hi All

    I have a problem with a site I have hosted for quite a while It used to be using weaver theme all of a sudden it would not show up in ie but would work fine in chrome, firefox and safari. All it showed was the background. I disabled all the plugins and removed all widgets however it still would not show up in ie. I then upgraded it to weaver-ii the problem still exists. However if I activate twenty eleven theme it works fine.

    Any thoughts gratefully received.

    Kind regards

    Paul Howard

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  • Running your site thropugh a validator ( ), I get the following error
    Line 167, Column 23: Unclosed element style.<style type=”text/css”>
    If I right click on your page and save source, I do see that you have this opening style tag, but it is not closed. As a result everything after that is ignored. If I remove the <style type=”text/css”> tag and save the page it then works normally and displays the content.

    You need to search where this was created, may be in one of Weaver custom CSS areas.

    If you cannot find the cause of that open style tag, post in the Weaver forum explaining the above.

    Thanks scrambler

    It would appear that an </style> had been deleted in the header config option.

    Really appreciate the help I was getting nowhere.


    Paul Howard

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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