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  • Ok, so last night i was havin problems with the weather icon 2 plugin. After much foolin around with it tryin to get it to work, and help from some people i got it working.

    However, 1cloud_fog.png & 2cloud_fog.png under the wicons folder, will not show up in firefox, but the rest of them will. I noticed that they will show up in IE as well.

    The reason being was that IE showed a black background behind the image, but in firefox it never. So all the other images except for the two i listed above showed up in both browsers.

    Im going to assume that because the images where white in color, and firefox didn’t show the black background, no image would appear. It wasn’t just my site that had this problem, if anyone else who uses this plugin, will notice the same problem. I checked on a few other sites, and it seemed that these two images didn’t show up.

    So i was thinkin it might be an idea to modify these images, and possibly put a black border around these images so that it will show up in Firefox. Anyone else have suggestions or comments or fixes for this lemme know.


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  • How about you encapsulate the <php> call with a <div class=”” or <div style”background:black;” or similar – this will make the box black by default. And the reason IE shows PNGs with black background is because “stoopid ekshplohruhr” doesn’t render transparent PNGs.

    I don’t have any problem with those rendering – because I saved the lot of them as .jpgs due to IE’s idiosyncratic behavior.

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