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  • Not sure if anyone wants to take this on or has an idea how someone with little programming skill can do it but…

    I’m doing a site for a winery that has weather stations on it’s property. I want to know what kind of info I need to get from these stations(in what format) and if it’s easy to put say the temp/wind/percip on the site I’m doing with relative ease. Basicly a sidebar of boxes with the temp in each vineyard, updated regularly.

    Any thoughts, easy to do, or something someone wants to help with….

    thanks, ryan

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  • What type of weather station(s) are located on the property? We’ll need know this in order to see what sort of data can be pulled.

    obiscoito .. that sounds pretty cool if it worked … but i think this would not really serve you in your needs of the needs of the winery ..

    because … if the conditions are recorded by individuals and are not linked up to a larger database that then syndicates this to a service provider who is national, or at least regional – it would just make sense to manually update the conditions. What do I mean? Someone has to manually put the information in, so why not go ahead and put it on the site. not sure if i am explaining myself clearly or not ..

    you could look at how the WeatherIcon works and maybe strip it down to its core and see how it works .. but the problem still exists in someone having to manually put the winery info into a form or database …

    i just think that this would be a “no go” becasue it becomes to specific and would be of no mass benefit …

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    This sounds like a cool and interesting thing to do, but how you do it is extremely dependant on the circumstances.

    These weather stations that they have around the place: How does the data get back to some central location? What format is it in? Does your blog/webserver have access to this data?

    Everything is data-driven. First you determine how to get the data to where you want it. Then you worry about how to display it where you want to display it.

    Thanks for the reply’s I may have jumped the gun a bit. But here is the gist of it. There is an automatic output for various “vineyard” locations around the property. Each location grows different grapes. SO I thought (depending on the output form of the data) that I might be able to either do a small grpahical map or a sidebar list that would show the current or daily temp.

    I know that I need to find out that data format, and that should be coming to me this week. I should have a login to the site where they monitor it ‘live’. At that point I’ll post more information. Since they do have a site that collects the info as it comes it I assume that I can at least extract the temp/wind info and use it on the site.

    Design Pastor: the info is automatic, not manual, the trick is seeing the format. I wanted to see if the idea was possible first. I assume the data needs to be in a format that could be translated to whatever I needed.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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